All He Desires - Nate & Eliza (Crossroads #12)(10)

By: Melanie Shawn

Lesson number one: no rebound relationships.

Lesson number two: no relationships period.

As long as she stuck to that, her crash and burn history wouldn’t repeat itself.

A ding sounded indicating someone had entered through the glass entrance and a thrill ran down Eliza’s spine. This was it. Her first patient.

Normally, she’d wait to greet a patient until they were in an exam room, but since this was not only her first patient at Smiles on Riverwalk but someone she knew personally, she figured she would go up and say hello before Martha prepped her for her crown replacement.

It only took a couple of steps to make it down the hall and she heard Ada’s voice booming through the room on the other side.

“Thanks so much for squeezing me in on such short notice. Have you met my grandson—”

She wasn’t sure if Ada kept speaking after that or not because all Eliza could hear was a high-pitched buzzing in her ears as she came face to gorgeous, heart-stoppingly sexy face with her aforementioned grandson. She couldn’t be absolutely sure, since she hadn’t seen either twin in years and she had always had a difficult time telling them apart, but her gut told her it was Nate.

Actually it was a little farther south than her gut. Every day of science class freshman year she’d had a tingle between her legs. She’d never had that feeling with Neil. Not until the night she’d turned eighteen.

The shocked look on whichever brother it was told her that he was just as surprised to see her as she was to see him. Maybe she was wrong. Nate rarely showed any emotion in his face. Her body had guessed wrong.

“Ellie?” The deep voice vibrated through her like she was strings on an instrument and his words were a pick.

Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner. Lady part radar, FTW!

It was Nate. In all of her almost twenty-eight years there was only one person that had ever called her Ellie and that person was Nate Holmes. The tingling turned to pulsing as a look of intensity flashed in his stare. Her entire body heated with either lust or embarrassment. Probably both. She had no idea what Nate knew about the last night she’d seen his brother. She didn’t know what Neil had told him about the most humiliating night of her life.

“Well, hello there Dr. Young. Long time no see.” Nana Holmes voice snapped Eliza out of her spiraling mental state and she broke eye contact with the man that she’d never been able to put in her rearview, no matter how fast or furious she’d driven. And she had. Her love life was basically Dominic Toretto, Vin Diesel’s character in The Fast and the Furious movies.

“Hello, Mrs. Holmes—” she managed to croak out as she raised her hand but was interrupted.

“Oh please, it’s still Nana to you, dear. Just because you have a lab coat doesn’t mean you’re not family. Right, Nate?”

“Right,” he agreed, his voice sounding even rougher and more gravelly.

Eliza’s eyes shot back to his and the shock and intensity were gone. His mask was back in place. Even as a teenager he’d been a pro at not letting anyone see what he was thinking or feeling, but now as a man—and holy cheese and tacos what a man he was—he’d taken that skill to master level.

Knowing that she had not honed that particular skill, she knew that she needed to excuse herself. Immediately. And try her best to get herself under control.

Gathering every ounce of professionalism she could scrape from the depths of her being, she plastered the biggest smile she could muster on her face, squared her shoulders and stiffened her spine. “It’s so nice to see you both. I just wanted to pop up front and say hello. Martha will be taking you back to prep and I’ll be in to see you shortly.”

With that declaration, she turned on her heel and somehow managed to make it into her office without throwing up or passing out…which were both very real threats. The moment she sank into her chair, Farmer’s head was in her lap. He must’ve sensed her nervousness. Or maybe it was her panic he was picking up on. Not that those were the only emotions she was feeling, those were just the ones that he was trained to sense.

Nate Holmes was here. In her office. With his grandmother.

She couldn’t believe that she’d actually seen him again. He looked exactly the same, but different at the same time. He seemed taller, broader, and somehow he’d gotten even sexier.

He wore a plain, white button up with slacks, and the sleeves were rolled up to a three-quarter length. His chiseled forearms were dusted with a sprinkling of hair and the cotton material of his shirt pulled taut against his muscular chest. His dark hair was shorter than he’d kept it in high school, and his jaw was now peppered with a five o’clock shadow that complimented his olive toned skin perfectly. Thankfully, the sexy dimple that sat just a tad off-center on his chin was still visible. And those eyes. Nate’s eyes had always held the secrets to life, at least that’s how it felt when Eliza was a fourteen-year-old girl with her first big crush. Actually that was still how it felt as a twenty-seven-year-old woman reuniting with her first crush.