Accidental Dragon Spell:Fury 3

By: Marcy Jacks

Fury 3

Accidental Dragon Spell

Sebby is a talentless warlock. He’s so bad at magic that his coven has decided to use him in a ritual. Sebby has no interest in dying for the greater good, so he does something a little rash. Like cast a temporary servant spell onto a dragon who can fly him the hell out of there. Except he didn’t cast a servant spell. He spelled the dragon to mate with him. Oops.

Gold is furious. He might even kill the little idiot for daring to shackle him. Sebby has much to make up for. Just because he’s good in bed, and has a nice body, and a cute face, doesn’t mean Gold will go easy on him.

For better or worse, they’re stuck with each other. When the option comes up to remove the mating, Gold needs to decide whether he will sever something he’s come to enjoy, or forgive Sebby once and for all before it’s too late.

Chapter One

Sebby just needed one. Just one, anyone would be good.

He watched the sky, keeping his circle ready for when he had to make his catch.

Tim had escaped, right out from under Sebby’s nose. The dragons could be coming, hopefully soon.

Before the rest of the Warlocks came to dish out his punishment.

Fuck, his hands were sweaty. Where the hell were they? It had been almost three days. Or was it four? Sebby was starting to lose track of the time and the excuses he was making to keep the others off his back.

There was only so much he could do to keep them off his back because he’d heard the grumblings. He knew what they were planning for him.

Useless Warlocks tended to get ground up into powders and potions. Letting Tim run away from them, and taking one of the omegas with him, had been a pretty useless move.

He checked his watch and looked up at the sky again. Sebby wasn’t even supposed to be out here. He was still technically on the property, but after the wards had been set up when Tim escaped with that omega, there was no way Sebby could make a decent run for it and hope to escape.

He was shit for running, and the wards would let the coven know immediately that he’d bailed.

They’d catch him. They’d lock him up, and he’d lose his chance.

He needed someone to protect him. He needed a bodyguard.

A dragon would make a perfect bodyguard. If only he could catch one.

Sebby’s phone rang He ignored it. He knew who it was. The High Wizard was finally calling him in. He’d ask to talk, say he wanted to go over Sebby’s performance.

No fucking way. Sebby had seen what happened to other witches and warlocks who fucked up as badly as he had.

Bags over their head, screams for mercy that were ignored, and then thrown into an actual metal pot over a fire and left to cook until dead.

Sometimes they were bled out beforehand, and the blood boiled separately. Even that was unpleasant as fuck.

The sweat trickling down his back and forehead worsened.

He couldn’t do this. This was too damned much. The dragons weren’t coming to fight back. He’d miscalculated. Of course he had. He always did. He could barely get his spells right, let alone plan out a dragon revenge ploy.

They weren’t coming, and Sebby’s phone was still ringing.

He was completely and totally screwed. What was he going to do?

Jesus Christ, he was only twenty-three. He was too damned young to die.

Sebby turned off his phone. He looked into the distance. If he ran, how far would he get? His cloaking spells were next to useless, and it would be a simple matter for the High Wizard to track him down.

The tattoo that had been branded to the back of his neck would make sure of that.

There was still a chance. It was better than nothing.

A heavy shadow passed above, blocking out the moonlight for less than a second before it was gone.

Sebby’s heart stopped. He didn’t dare to hope. Should he look up? Should he check?

Another shadow passed silently above, and this time he did look up. Sebby turned his eyes to the sky, and his mouth dropped as he spotted a few more dragon-sized, and shaped, shadows block out the moonlight.

He couldn’t believe it. Sebby could barely take in a breath. That was more dragons than he’d expected to see. He only needed one.

Shit. He’d been right about the direction they would be coming from, but Sebby had completely miscalculated how many there would be.

What if he called one of them down here and they all came? He could only cast this spell on one. Too many coming down here at once…

And he wouldn’t have the chance to do what needed to be done.

Sebby lit some candles quickly. He had no idea how many dragons were coming. A couple more shadows passed overhead, and he knew they were planning a fight.

Tim had definitely made it to that dragon clan. He might have lied to them or told the truth. Either way, they were here to fight.