A Fragile Wife(55)

By: Cynthia Dane

Didn’t she know it. They had been exploring that difference for a good twelve years now.

“I don’t know how you could think I’m not still madly in love with you after so little time.” Ken held fast to her hips, his lips descending the front of her rolled up shirt and pressing against her breasts. Lana gasped as he ran his tongue over her nipple. “Ten years isn’t anything, Lana. It would take at least a thousand years to start getting tired of you, and I doubt that would ever happen.”

He pulled her shorts down, revealing her smooth skin and finer hair that she kept groomed in part because she liked to, and in part because she always enjoyed the surprise in Ken’s eyes when he caught sight of her latest style. Ken forwent that this time, however. He was more preoccupied with nuzzling her slit as he helped her step out of her shorts and lingerie.

“Every time you saunter into this office in your pretty heels, pencil skirts, lingerie, and T-shirts, I have to wonder if you know what kind of effect you still have on me.” His finger pushed into her slit, easing her legs open with another moan in her throat. “I know exactly what kind of woman I’ve married. Even if you come in here to talk dinner or business, I know it could very well end with you bent over my desk taking my cock as deep as you can.”

Lana shuddered. “I often think that when I come in here.”

“Good.” Ken tugged on both her nipples, grinning at the amount of whimpers he made her utter. “Because I can’t wait to do that to you. Just as soon as you get your first piece of punishment. Do you know what that’s going to be?”

They kissed, Lana throwing herself into it as much as Ken did. I know what it is. Her hand went to his zipper as her tongue dared his to take over. I’m not an idiot. I know what this man wants to do to me. The more she thought about it, the more she fought the urge to drop to her knees right now and beg for forgiveness – the only way she knew how.

“You want me to suck your cock, sir.”

“Yes, Bunny. And then I’m going to fuck you.”

She didn’t think that would be a problem. As she got on her knees and pulled her husband from his pants, all Lana considered was how much this was turning her on.

From enraged that she finally found the evidence that her husband was cheating on her, to this… how else could Lana explain her marriage? I barely understand it sometimes. To think that she grew up with the image of men and women being too bored with each other to do this sort of thing. To think she thought her frolic in college would be the most excitement she ever got. I’d turn in the gangbang and all that if it meant I got to keep Ken for the rest of my life. Even down there, on her knees, she felt like she did nothing but adore him and the body he offered up whenever the mood struck them.

“That’s it.” Ken pushed her hair out of the way as she took him into her mouth, stretching her jaw and stretching her small mouth so she could take his hardening shaft and the precum starting to drip from his tip.

Is this better? Am I making it better? Lana didn’t know how to shower her husband with affection in any other way. She only knew sexual liberties like sucking him off, playing with other people for his amusement, and feeling him take her every which way imaginable. If someone told her ten years ago that she would not only stay married to Ken for so long, but also have more sex with him than anyone else… I’d clock you.

“Good girl.” Ken steadied her as he sat in his chair, content to let her do all the work now. Lana knelt between his legs and pleasured him. His tip was thick in her throat, but not as thick as the rest of him filling her mouth and begging to take it in a few quick strokes. She kept him at bay by wrapping her hand firmly around his base. “You’re amazing, Lana.”

I’m amazing… Lana pulled off him, looking up into his soft eyes while he twisted her hair around his hand and gave it gentle tugs. “Thank you, sir.”

She stroked him, sometimes quickly, sometimes sensually, her body craving his the more she knelt down there and wished he would fuck her. I’ll make you feel amazing… She sucked his tip, looking at him adoringly, his grunts of approval all Lana needed to feel her body ache, ache in ways it hadn’t ached for her husband in so long.

“Is this what you want?” She didn’t mean to sound so eager, and yet that’s how it came out when she took a few moments to speak. “Do you want me on my knees doing this?”

“Yes, baby.”

“Are you going to fuck me?”

“No need to sound so innocent, Bunny. I know for a fact that you’re anything but.”