A Fragile Wife(54)

By: Cynthia Dane

Most women would cry to hear those words. Most. Lana was not like most women. She often shoved aside those fluttering feelings in order to be practical. To make rational decisions. When Ken asked her to marry him years ago, she didn’t say yes right away. She took the time to think it over – for a whole week. For Ken, it was surely torture.

So when she heard him say that, her first reaction wasn’t to sob – again – but to fold into his arms and hold him tightly, determined to make him feel complete once more.

“We’re good, right? You’re not worried I’m going to cheat on you, right?”

Lana shook her head. “I ruined your surprise. I was so rude to that girl. I’m fucked up.”

“Don’t do that to yourself. Although…” Ken gathered her shirt into his fist, pulling against some skin, some hair, and every fiber of her being. “I can’t let you get away with this without suffering some consequences, Lana.”

He stood, hand lingering around her arm as he gently tugged on it and convinced her to stand up with him. Lana’s robe fell from her body, pooling at her feet. He shouldn’t be so transparent. Except then what would she love on all the time?

“You’ve been way out of line, Mrs. Andrews.” Ken took her by the hips, pushing her against his desk like he had weeks ago. My husband. My Master. Lana eased into it, feeling her legs open and her nipples harden beneath her T-shirt. I need help, all right. Just five minutes after nearly having her heart broken, she was ready to fuck the man who caught and married her ten years ago. “You’re going to have to be dealt with. Between terrorizing the help and daring to doubt my integrity, I’m not even sure where to begin with your punishment.”

Lana could hardly look him in the eye.

“Look at this woman I’ve married.” Ken plucked the hem of her shirt and lifted it up, revealing her bare breasts as they responded to the chilly air in her husband’s office. “She’s already aroused.” He pinched one of her nipples; Lana barely responded. “I wish I could say my reasons for marrying you were purely emotional, but I have to admit that your ability to go at any random moment played a huge part. What man wouldn’t want a woman ready to go whenever he pleased?”

Lana glanced up at him, her demeanor so demure that her husband looked as if he didn’t recognize her – but that look was one only Lana could recognize. To anyone else, Ken looked completely in control of the situation.

“Would you… be pleased to do it right now, Mr. Andrews?”

“Ah, she knows how to make it up to me.” Ken stood between her legs, hands rubbing her bare sides as his breathing increased and blood probably rushed to his cock. He’s got me cornered now. Cornered and in need of being published. For one of the first times ever, though, Lana completely felt it. She knew she needed marital disciplining. She had doubted her husband. She had feared he had turned on her, after so many years of good times and better understanding. How would she have felt were it the other way around? Horrible. I’d never let him live it down.

“I only want you to feel better after what I’ve accused you of.”

“There are many ways for my wife to make me feel better.”

“I’m sure there are, sir.” Lana loosened his tie and pulled it off his throat, watching the purple silk slide against his white shirt and curl around her arm. “What should I start with?”

“You? Start? You’re misinformed, my love.” Ken yanked his tie from her hand and tossed it onto his desk, his figure looming formidably above her, forcing her to sit on the edge of his workspace and search for his lips if she wanted a kiss. And she did. Lana wanted to kiss her husband, to move on, to feel his warmth overtake her and make a renewed woman out of her. “You’re going to stand there and be still until I tell you otherwise.”

Lana curled her fingers around the edge of the desk, feeling her knuckles tense and turn another color. “Yes, sir.” Her thighs were on fire beneath her cotton shorts, even though the room temperature made her shiver without her robe. “Do whatever you want to me, sir.”

His thumb trailed down her cheek to her breasts, where her firm nipples made them both react with sexual alacrity. Ken gently kissed his wife’s lips, fingers rolling against her nipple and making her freeze in arousal. Lana relaxed her body and prepared to have her husband completely consume her.

“You’re still as sexy as you were ten years ago, Bunny,” he murmured against her mouth. “Whenever I see you, I want to do nothing more than make endless love to you.” He laughed. “Or fuck you senseless. Sometimes there is a difference.”